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A-TEC Energy was started 30 years ago. Our goal then, as it is now, is to drive market transformation through professional program fulfillment. We fill the gap between your filed plans and your customer’s homes and businesses with professional, highly-trained and committed energy professionals.

Our business is to manage the day-to-day customer interactions, record keeping, verification and reporting necessary for utility programs to operate at the highest level. A-TEC Energy firmly believes in the value of independent program fulfillment with the checks and balances that come from separate program design, implementation and verification. We operate where the rubber meets the road in a way that reflects the high standards of customer service needed in today’s complex utility environment. A-TEC Energy puts a premium on market understanding, proactive customer interactions and removing the barriers that stand between well designed programs and the every-changing marketplace.


Long ago we saw utility energy efficiency program fulfillment as a driver of customer satisfaction and the best way to ensure long-term market transformation. Our service offerings are designed to deliver the highest value to our customers.

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